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[everyone] Poll: Video game working title.

I'm trying to decide on a working title for my video game, so here's a poll for anyone who cares to answer. You don't need to know what the game is about; just tell me which one sounds better to you.

Poll #1970219 Working title
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Which would make a better working title for my video game?

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Blood Winter
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Other (specify)
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If you don't like either one, feel free to suggest something else, but I only want suggestions that are two words or fewer.
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[everyone] 100 Things #011: Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Cranberry Chutney.

Another recipe inspired by the Quick From Scratch Chicken Cookbook. It's a combination of two separate recipes, both of which I've modified to suit my taste and available ingredients. That's a matter of course in my cooking, but anyway. Pleasantly spicy chicken and sweet chutney mix well. Serve with rice on the side.

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[everyone] 100 Things #010: Baked Buffalo Chicken & Potato Sections.

This recipe comes from Quick From Scratch Chicken Cookbook, with a few minor modifications by me. I got the cookbook from the library a few days ago. This is the first recipe I've tried. It was met with approval and delight by my family, and the chicken was something my brother would eat, too.

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[everyone] Why I don't use our snowblower.

It's snowing here and it's getting deep enough that someone is going to need to clear the driveway. We do this either with a snow shovel or with a snowblower. The snowblower is a fairly new one.

I was introduced to this snowblower the winter after my father bought it. Until then, I hadn't gotten very close to it, but one day my father decided it was time...

(switch to narrative present)

This isn't just the average snowblower. It's big and heavy and extremely loud and smelly. It shoots that snow a long, long way. So, out in the driveway on a snowy weekend afternoon, my father starts up the snowblower. It roars to life and I take a step back. But he says, "Just hold this bar and walk, okay?" So I put my hands on the bar and start walking.

Unfortunately, the snowblower has a feature he forgot to mention. As I was nearing the end of the driveway, where I'd have to turn it around, the snowblower starts trying to yank itself out of my hands. I cling desperately, trying not to let it drag itself out into the street, and I call, "Help!"

And as I'm struggling to save the snowblower and myself, he shouts, "Let go!"

Let go? What a ridiculous idea! With the snowblower still trying to escape from the driveway with me behind it, I can't do anything except for hold on as tightly as I can. So my father comes over and pries my hands off the bar...and the snowblower stops.

Yeah, it only goes when someone is holding that bar. It's just so counterintuitive that I forgot the instructions in my panic to save the thing.

I haven't touched it since. ;D
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[everyone] Making spaghetti sauce.

This morning I helped my mother make our spaghetti sauce for the year. On Saturday, she bought a half-bushel of Roma tomatoes. Today we started on the sauce.

She dipped the tomatoes in boiling water, cut out the stem, and peeled them. I did much of the rest, which amounted to: peeling garlic cloves, slicing onions, cutting up sweet peppers, and chopping carrots and celery. Basil, salt, and pepper also went in. The three pots then boiled for hours. After they cooled, she put them in the blender.

So now we have our spaghetti sauce. We had it on noodles (with ground beef and canned tomato soup to increase the volume) for dinner. The rest will go in boxes in the freezer.